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Momento Temporis: Arena has made it from the LÖVE forums dev thread to - a good step forward, I believe! Here are some future plans I have to share with you about the game.

The game is currently in beta, which is free for anyone to download. The next steps in development is to flesh out the game with more content and add an easy way to download and share custom made arenas. I'll have to look into a server solution for that. I will also look into adding jolly co-op game modes, for those who don't want to feel like punching each other in the face after playing on opposing teams! :P

Some more future ideas (nothing confirmed here!) is to look into adding online multiplayer and possibly some sort of modding capabilities, like being able to add custom themes for arenas etc. This may or may not happen.

Anyway, time to stop writing blogs and return to writing code. :)

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